Compression garments are not only used exclusively for exercise.  In fact, compression socks are designed to help support women and prevent developing conditions like varicose veins and deep vein thrombosis and blood clots. Moreover, the type of lifestyle that women do such as wearing high heels all the time can cause physiological stress to many women.

Clothing such as compression socks for women are created to alleviate the psychological and physiological stresses among women. They are designed to improve the circulatory insufficiency of the feet and lower leg area.



A research conducted in 2000 and published in the journal Medicine and Science in Sports & Exercise noted that those who wear compression socks and other compression hosieries were able to make significant changes when it comes to the reduction of their ankles and feet. This means that compression socks are able to reduce the amount of swelling and inflammation on the feet caused by stress such as standing too much or sitting down for a long time.

Women are more prone to suffering from poor venous return thus there is a tendency for the body to collect toxins and other harmful buildups in the lower extremities. This often results to conditions like muscle tissue disruption, edema and general discomfort. Wearing compression socks for women can help enhance the venous-muscle pump thus improving the capacity of the veins in the legs to collect lactic acid and other toxins away from the extremities.

On the other hand, pregnant women can also benefit from wearing compression socks. During pregnancy, women tend to do fewer activities. The sedentary lifestyle also affects the venous pump on the legs which can increase the likelihood of getting deep veins. Wearing compression socks for women can help resolve this problem by stimulating the circulation in the legs.

What the compression socks do is that it dilates the arteries and constricts the veins so that there is better transport and exchange of oxygenated and deoxygenated blood.



Pregnant women can benefit from wearing compression socks during their entire pregnancy since they often have insufficient venous return mechanism. Aside from pregnant women, those whose jobs involved standing or sitting for a long time can benefit from compression socks.



Studies noted that women who wear compression socks show significant reduction with the size of their vessels particularly the popliteal and tibial vein. This data demonstrates reduction of the venous pooling of blood in the lower extremities thus conditions like edema is avoided with compression socks. The fluid movement within the legs has greatly improved with the help of compression socks. 

On the other hand, the use of compression socks for women also showed some significant differences in the heart rate. Those who wore the compression garment have improved diastolic and systolic pressure because the circulation in the legs has greatly improved.

There is also a reduction of the creatine kinase which means that there is minimal muscle tissue disruption after wearing compression socks for women. This also means that the muscles are able to produce less lactic acid during the day. 

The thing is that compression socks for women are very great garments that you can use to improve your lifestyle.