The Benefits Of Wearing Compression Foot Sleeve

on November 24, 2017

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Why Buy A Compression Foot Sleeve?

Wearing a compression foot sleeve can be one of the best ways to reduce swelling, relieve foot pain and improve circulation. Foot sleeves offer excellent support when training, but during the important period of recovery. The Sleeve Stars Compression Foot Sleeve helps reduce muscle, joint and tendon inflammation.


Compression Foot Sleeve Maintenance

Caring for your compression sock is absolutely necessary, in order to get the most out of your compression foot sleeve washing correctly is key. If specific washing instructions are not provided, hand washing is the best way to ensure the stretch does not get lost. Use slightly warm water, allowing the compression socks to soak for a few minutes, gently rub together without stretching the material and begin to rinse with cool water. To dry the compression foot sleeve, air-drying is the best solution, this way the possibility of shrinkage is eliminated.


Main benefits

  • Offers sturdy support and stability to your foot.

  • A snug fitting allows for maximum motion.

  • Helps aid recovery from injuries

  • Helps aid recovery from junior to elderly ages

  • Allows for better blood circulation

  • By keeping your muscles warm, this prevents strain and fatigue

  • Great support formedical conditions such as Tendonitis and Arthritis.

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Who Can Wear Foot Sleeves?

Foot compression sleeves are ideal for pretty much anyone and everyone. For example, a foot support is a great product for anyone who is required to be on their feet for long periods of time. For example, nurses, retail workers, hairdressers and many more. Compression sleeves are ideal for when a persons foot is susceptible to pain and possible injuries. For example, children, athletes and even the elderly. Alternatively, medical conditions can be controlled by wearing a compression foot sleeve, such as Plantar Fasciitis, shin splints, calf cramps/strains and Achilles tendonitis.


How Long Should You Wear A Foot Sleeve?

Compression foot sleeves are clinically proven to help more serious conditions such as varicose veins, deep vain thrombosis, leg ulcers and Lymphoedema. Alongside typical sports injuries a compression foot sleeve offers a full day of relief. However, to reduce the risk of lack of oxygen in the limbs it is advised you remove the compression foot sleeve when sleeping.

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