The Ultimate Guide For Compression Sleeves

on January 02, 2017

Foot Ankle Compression Sleeves Help Those In Constant pain

If you are suffering with constant pain in your feet, ankles, legs and hands there are different ways to deal with the persistent pain and discomfort. The pain may be only in your joints which can make it very difficult to move, or there may be a noticeable swelling in your joints, hands, legs, ankles and feet. 

Most people will resort to over the counter medications to relieve the pain, or if it persists they will visit their doctor for other options. The doctor may prescribe muscle relaxers or painkillers. 

The problem with taking any type of medication is that it is a temporary fix, it does not heal the problem causing the pain. Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen may make you feel better but it will eventually wear off allowing the discomfort and pain to return.

Even with use of pain medication, whether it be prescribed or over the counter, you still may not be able to function in your everyday life. If you are looking for a solution to the problem you will be glad to know that with a little time and effort you see there are other options.

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Use of a foot ankle compression sleeve or sock may be just what you are looking for to find some comfort. You will be amazed to find there is a type of compression sleeve or sock for each part of the body from your head to your feet.

Constant standing on your feet causes strain on your legs and feet which in turn can cause severe pain and discomfort from swelling in your ankles and feet. Quite often the pain and achiness continue to hang on even after you have been off your feet making it difficult to relax or even sleep at night. 

For example doctors and nurses are constantly on their feet for many hours a day and suffer from sore feet, achy legs, cramps in their calves and swollen ankles. Compression stockings work great to help relieve this pain and achiness and come highly recommended from those who work in the medical field. 

Many who have consistently worn the compression leg sleeve during their work day felt relief from the constant achiness and pain they felt from standing on their feet. There was no swelling or pain in their legs or feet when the compression sleeves or socks were removed at the end of a long day.


Compression Socks - An Alternative to Over the Counter Medication

Are you suffering from pain due to discomfort or painful swelling in your legs, ankles or feet?  Does it hurt to walk from one room to the next or just the short distance to the mailbox. Are you  barely able to through the simplest of your daily daily chores?  

To relieve the pain and discomfort you could try using an over the counter pain reliever that will only temporarily ease your pain discomfort and frustration. 

Compression socks are a great alternative to over the counter pain medication when it comes to easing the swelling and pain in your feet and ankles. 

The use of a leg compression sleeve or a foot ankle compression sleeve applies pressure to the affected site and helps relieve the constant pain and discomfort. Improved blood flow and oxygen to the painful areas helps decrease the pain and swelling in your foot and ankle.


Use Calf Compression Sleeves For Cramps In Your Calves And Legs

Many joggers or runners suffer from leg or calf pain and cramps. Stretching before and after the run helps prevent injury to the muscles and joints. However, over time some may also develop shin splints in the front of their legs from the impact of running on hard surfaces.  Muscles get strained or tendons can be damaged which causes the cramping and pain.       

Even if all you suffer from the onset of varicose veins there is a leg compression sleeve made for just what ails you. A calf compression sleeve provides non-slip support for your knee and calf. Its durable soft feel and constant flexibility provide the support needed for you to get through a long run, basketball game or lengthy session of weight lifting.

Compression therapy applies constant pressure to the injured area while relieving calf pain or cramping. A calf compression sleeve can be worn everyday. Its thin breathable material can be comfortably worn under slacks and noone will even notice you have it on.


How A Knee Compression Sleeve Relieves Persistent Pain 

If you suffer from pain in your feet, legs, arms,shoulders or wrists you can choose to use over the  counter pain relievers, seek medical advice, or take prescribed pain killers.  Before you resort to the common methods of handling persistent pain you may want to look at other alternatives.

The causes for injury or persistent pain vary and can happen to anyone.  Whether the cause is from participating in a sport, running, or some other type of daily or strenuous activity, there are many who suffer from knee pain.  After a period of persistent pain or discomfort many will use acetaminophen or ibuprofen to ease the pain. 

If the pain persists after using over the counter pain relievers for a short period of time does they realize this method of treatment does not treat the pain it only provided temporary relief.  It is at this time many will reach a point where the pain gets so bad  they finally go to their Doctor for a diagnosis and permanent relief.

Prior to seeking medical advice or using prescribed pain medication you may want to try using compression therapy.  If you want to try using compression to seek relief before going to the Doctor or an Orthopedist be  sure you thoroughly do your research to be make sure you to buy the proper level of compression sleeve or sock for your level and location of pain. 

If you are unsure of the use of a knee compression sleeve will work for you, you may want to discuss this option with your Doctor.  He will want to do a thorough examination to determine what the injury is as well as the level of damage to the joint or muscle. 

Many are not aware of all the different treatment options that a available for various types of pain.   Take your time to do the research you will be surprised at the many types of compression therapy available to all for every type of pain or discomfort.


Get An Ankle Compression Sleeve For Ankle Sprains 

It is easy to sprain your ankle by just a simple misstep or walking and twisting your foot just right. 

You may feel the immediate pain that doesn’t last long but if you don’t get off of it right away and apply ice you could be in for some pain at the end of the day. An ankle sprain is a very common injury and it can cause many problems long after it has healed. 

Anyone who has had several sprains over their lifetime quite often develop weakness in their ankles along with long term joint pain. If you properly treat the sprain immediately after it happens you can deter some of the ongoing ankle problems later in your life. 

The most important thing about a sprained ankle is that it heal properly in order to becomes stronger preventing weakness in the joint while decreasing the chance of it being easily injured again. 

An ankle compression sleeve helps keep the swelling down which also keeps the pain to a minimum.  An ankle sleeve is easily put on and will apply constant pressure and support while supplying blood and oxygen to the injured area and helping it heal.


Stop Shouldering The Pain With A Shoulder Compression Sleeve 

Do you suffer from arm or shoulder pain when you attempt to complete daily chores or pick up your children? If over the counter pain medication only masks the pain there is another option to decrease the discomfort you may be feeling on a daily basis. Instead of resorting to prescription medication or costly surgery you should try a shoulder compression sleeve.

This type of compression therapy is designed to relieve shoulder pain by applying pressure to the shoulder in order to keep the blood flowing, which in turn pushes oxygen into the blood and increases circulation decreasing the pain.  

Anyone who has suffered from Bursitis, Frozen Shoulder Pain or even just a sprain have found relief from constant discomfort of pain when compression was applied to the injured shoulder.

The shoulder compression sleeve can be worn either under or over your clothes. Many who have chosen to use a compression sleeve to relieve their shoulder pain was very pleased with the results. 

It was easy to put on and take off. The instructions were easy to follow and the compression shoulder sleeve is easy to adjust. 

The shoulder sleeve is made of neoprene. Neoprene is a lightweight material that is breathable and allows air to circulate to keep you dry and warm while getting the proper support for your shoulder to heal. The snug fit provides needed shoulder stability so it heals properly.


Keep Pain An Arms Length Away With A Compression Sleeve For Arms         

Do you work at a keyboard all day or have duties that put a constant strain on your arm and wrist due to repetitive arm movement?  

When you go home at the end of the day does the pain and weakness in your arm persist and at times gotten worse? Have you tried using an elbow or wrist compression sleeve to help ease the pain?

Use of a wrist compression sleeve provides support for those who suffer from ailments such as Tendinitis, Tennis elbow, or Golfer's elbow just to name a few.  If any of these complaints are yours then why not give compression therapy a chance to ease your pain?

A compression sleeve for arm will provide the support needed to ease your pain whether you suffer from the top of your arm down to to your wrist. There is also a wrist compression sleeve made for whatever ails you, in your wrist of course.


Elbow Compression Sleeve Provide Relief From Your Shoulder To Your Wrist

An elbow compression sleeve covers from the top of your arm down to your wrist. Some who have purchased the compression arm brace have found they work better than the type of brace they got from their Doctor for the treatment of tennis elbow. 

Some who have used an elbow sleeve claim they are worth every penny. They are made of soft supportive fabric. The material breathes as it warms up while being worn. If an elbow sleeve is  worn during daily activities such as housework on typing on a computer keyboard you do not have to worry about it hindering your activities in any way.

Those who have suffered from Rheumatoid Arthritis in their elbows have tried compression therapy. Use of the elbow brace provided relief and was flexible with just the right amount of stretch. The material breathed well and did not make their arm feel moist or sweaty.

Weight Lifters have chosen to use compression therapy during their lengthy and very strenuous workouts They have found the warmth and support of the elbow sleeve is a benefit to their ability to work out for longer periods of time. This type of compression sleeve provides additional support preventing injury during the workout while remaining dry and odor free exposure to sweat.



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