Why A Compression Sleeve For Foot Pain?

on January 04, 2017

Some may wonder if the compression sleeve for your feet are so great at relieving pain and discomfort when worn during the day. Wouldn't they work just as well if you wore them while sleeping? The short answer is no. 

While compression socks and sleeves are great tools for muscle and joint recovery during and after normal or intense activity they are not designed to be worn while resting or sleeping.

The foot compression sleeve is made similar to socks without the foot portion.  They are designed in a variety of levels of compression to insure the proper healing for the specific level and type of injury.

Mild compression sleeves or socks are ideal for use before during and after a run or any other light type of activity.  The moderate  level compression sleeves work better when worn only during your workout. 

The stronger the level of compression the more your performance will be enhanced, however, you will want to note you could suffer from swelling if you continue to wear the sleeve after your workout.

The swelling is caused from the sleeve acting as a tourniquet around the specific area which is for example blocking blood flow from the ankle to the foot.  One thing you will want to keep in mind when shopping for and choosing a compression sock or sleeve is to pay close attention to the sleeve compression level before purchasing it to make sure using it is the right one for your specific recovery or activity needs.

Back to the original question, can you sleep in your compression sleeves or socks?   Again the short answer is no if you are an otherwise healthy person. Some long distance runners believe it is okay to wear their compression sleeves a night before and after the big race. This is a practice that is not recommended for safety reasons..

The use of compression is meant to provide constant pressure to the circulatory system to fight gravity and continuously pump blood to your heart. If you are lying down for a long period of time the circulatory system does not fight gravity. The pressure applied by the compression sleeve or sock can actually cut your circulation off.

With this said some people need to wear compression socks at night due to health issues or after surgery. The main reason is to prevent blood clots that could make the type of sleeve used post surgery fits loosely and at different intervals will compress the calf muscle to prevent blood clots. Typically the lowest level compression sleeve is used for those who need compression while lying down.



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