Customer Reviews of Sleeve Stars products



 "I have been dealing with the painful symptoms of Plantar fasciitis for the last year. I have been to physical therapy, tried insoles for my shoes, and a boot to stretch them at night. I have felt such frustration because nothing seemed to be working, until these socks! These Compression Foot Sleeves have provide enormous relieve to the constant aching and sharp pains I would receive all day. They are super comfortable, have kept the swelling in my arches down and Who would have guessed there could be such great relief in a simple Compression Foot Sleeve!" - Rob 



 "I have been having some horrible heel pain and I didn't know what was causing it.. Someone told me it could be plantar fasciitis or heel Spurs. I was told that compression socks can help in both problems so I figured I would give them a try and see what happens. I am so happy when I received this and it helped ease the pain. My left foot is always worse than my right so the 1 sleeve works good. I do plan on getting another one in the future that way if my other foot starts acting up I can be prepared. This sleeve is comfortable to wear and it doesn't squeeze my foot to where it's too tight. This is easy to take off and put on." - Jennifer



 "I don't have plantar fasciitis. I wear this sleeve when I run, to help prevent my ankle from aching, and it works well. Functionally, it's a two-piece equivalent of an Ace bandage: the sleeve or sock, and the elastic band you wrap around the sleeve and fasten via its Velcro ends. The sleeve itself doesn't provide any compression; it feels like pulling on a regular sock. The compression (tension) is provided by how tightly you wrap the band around the sleeve, akin to how tightly you wrap or pull the Ace bandage before securing it. The sleeve itself isn't very thick. I pull it on first, and then put on my running sock. Since the sleeve doesn't cover the length (entire sole) of your foot (see product picture), you do feel the edge of the sleeve on your arch. But if you wear this while running, you'll quickly stop feeling the "lip" of the sleeve. Your run will more than occupy and distress your mind. Plus, if you have the sleeve adequately secured, it doesn't slip down your ankle or bunch up on you." - Ron


 "My arm was sore and hurt when I picked something up, it was very painful to even pick up a glass of water, think I did something to it when I was carrying water to water my flowers and veggies, it hurt even when I was out walking if I kept it down by my side the only relief I got was when I held my arm up when I walked, my arm and hand was also swollen, some one told me I probably injured the tendons in my arm, so when I saw this I decided to try it to see if it would help. it was just what I needed. I have been wearing it for a few days now, and the pain is slowly going away, it doesn't hurt to use that arm anymore. I don't know how this works but it does, before I got this I was using an elastic bandage and that didn't help at all.
This Elbow brace has two Velcro straps one on each side so it is adjustable to fit most people. It is also comfortable to wear." - Dimata



 "This elbow brace is just what I needed for tendonitis! It is so sturdy and high quality!
I actually play raquetball, not tennis and I get really bad tendonitis in my elbows (especially the left, as I am left handed) and some days it seems like there is nothing to help. My doctor suggested that wear a brace of some sort, but I really didn't like the ones that I found at the drug store, so I was thrilled when I saw this. The quality is so great, the seem very well crafted and expensive. I really only wear the brace on my left arm, so it is great that is is versitale. It is interchangable so you can wear it on either arm. Very cool feature! I really like the look of this brace, and on top of that, ir works great! I feel so much support and muscle damage prevention. Really great product , I would recommend and suggest these to anyone who has tendonitis, elbow joint pain, golf elbow, or injury from lifting weights. I have a friend who does MMA and he also loves and needs to wear and elbow brace. So I guess they would be great for boxers, wrestlers, martial artists, etc. Very versatile, not just for tennis players.

This brace is constructed of very thick, sturdy material. I am very impressed with the quality. I give this product a full 5 stars and a high recommendation from someone who suffers with elbow pain!" - Andrew


 "I actually got this brace for my knee as I have bird legs and the various knee braces that I have are just plain too big and bulky for my skinny lil legs. So when I saw the elbow brace, I had an “aha moment” to try and use this for my knee and so grateful that I did!! It fit nice and snug on my knee and the cushion put just the right amount of pressure to keep it stable so I don’t strain it while doing my workout. I have really bad knees and have tried PT, ointments, supplements...etc. It seems the only thing that works is strengthening the muscles around it which also can make it worse if I’m not careful!! Catch 22!! So using a brace really helps me to prevent injury while strengthen my supporting muscles! Now I just need to place an order for another one for my other knee!! Super comfy and did not ride up or down, stayed in place–would definitely recommend. If it worked great for my knee I’m sure it’s fantastic for elbows!!" - Marie



 "This product was delivered in perfect time. The package was easy to open, without damage of any kind. There was no smell to the fabric of the brace. The brace was easy to put on without too much pressure. I immediately felt as if I was able to go about my activities of daily life, after putting on the brace. The construction of the brace is of high quality material, and will be easy to clean with mild soap and water. I highly recommend it to my friends and family members." - Ruby