"Hands down the best elbow brace ever!" 

—Chris K, Elbow Brace Customer


"This works! It's amazing!!" 

—Matt B, Elbow Brace Customer

  • 1. Is this brace made of neoprene?

  • 2. Can I put on and adjust this brace on the inside of the forearm (golfer's elbow)?

  • 3. Will this work for golfers' elbows? Pain on the inside of the elbow?

  • 4. How often do I wear it?

  • 5. Is the compression pad removable? Is it plastic and causes sweating in the summer months?

  • 6. How is this different from a compression armband?

  • 7. All of my sleeves are too tight to wear underneath. Can it be worn over my sleeve?

  • 8. Is this comfortable during weight lifting?

  • 9. Where should you position it?

  • 10. I got tennis elbow. Do I wear this strap 24/7 until I heal?

  • 11. Is this itchy?

  • 12. How tight should it be?

  • 13. What is the difference between the use of an elbow sleeve and an elbow strap for a tennis elbow?

  • 14. How does a tennis elbow brace work?

  • 15. How tight should an elbow brace be?

  • 16. Can wearing an elbow brace weaken your wrist over time?

  • 17. Do tennis elbow braces work?

  • 18. Should you use elbow brace while playing tennis? Also, is it wise to do tennis elbow stretch exercises while it is hurting?

  • 19. As a person who suffers from a tennis elbow, do you find that a brace helps you?