"Exceeded my expectation!"

—Brian L, Elbow Sleeve Customer


"It's worth the money!"

—Tom M, Elbow Sleeve Customer

  • 1. Is the brace suitable for overnight wear to help with ulnar nerve constriction?

  • 2. Does this item contain latex?

  • 3. Can you wash this?

  • 4. Is it supposed to bunch up on the crook of your elbow when you bend your elbow?

  • 5. I have elbow pain only with certain moves. Do I need to wear it all the time or just when I exercise?

  • 6. Can you use this kayaking? Will the constant water exposure damage it?

  • 7. Will this help issues with the forearm area (inner part of elbow joint)?

  • 8. Will this help tennis elbows as a cake decorator?

  • 9. Can it be worn under a sleep shirt?

  • 10. How far up your arm should a compression sleeve go when dealing with a Tennis Elbow?

  • 11. Do compression sleeves help a golfer’s elbow?

  • 12. What is the best type of brace for tennis elbow (tendinitis in the elbow)?

  • 13. How do I stop my elbow from hurting when I lift?

  • 14. How do I cure arthritis in an elbow?

  • 15. How do I cure elbow pain from driving?

  • 16. How do I get rid of chronic tennis elbow?

  • 17. Do I have to quit heavy weightlifting If I’m developing Tendonitis in my elbows and arthritis in my thumb?

  • 18. How can I treat pain on my elbow when I cycle?

  • 19. How do you heal elbow tendonitis?

  • 20. What are the symptoms of tennis elbow?