"Great investment!"

—Desiree C, Knee Brace Customer

Knee Support Brace

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"Impressed with comfort and support!"

—Stephanie, Knee Brace Customer

  • 1. Can you wear this under jeans?

  • 2. Can this be used for both my left and right knee?

  • 3. Does this actually slide over the knee like a sleeve, or does it wrap around the knee?

  • 4. Does this help with bursitis on the inner side of the knee?

  • 5. Do they pinch behind the knees at all?

  • 6. How adjustable is it? I have considerable swelling.

  • 7. Is this brace pulled on?

  • 8. Is this brace good for preventing knee problems?

  • 9. I want to walk without my knee giving out, I need support for a trick knee, I don't care about pain relief, would this work?

  • 10. Can this be worn during walks and gym exercises for legs without having injury to legs for injury prevention?

  • 11. Are knee braces helpful?

  • 12.Can you wear a knee brace at night while you sleep?

  • 13. Will wearing a knee brace ease my knee pain?

  • 14. What is a knee brace?

  • 15. When should you wear a knee brace?

  • 16. What is the most common cause of knee pain?

  • 17. Is there any evidence that knee braces work?

  • 18. What is the best way to treat knee pain?

  • 19. What is the best sport knee brace/knee stabilizer available?

  • 20. Can I play football wearing a knee brace?

  • 21. When is a knee brace useful?