"Quality material and worth the price!"

—Luis, Knee Sleeve w/ Wrap Customer


"This brace supports the knee on all sides!"

—Matt B, Knee Sleeve w/ Wrap Customer

  • 1. Does this help with Runner's knee?

  • 2. How do you put it on? Do you slip it on or does it go around your knee?

  • 3. Where is this made?

  • 4. Will they shrink in the wash

  • 5. Can I wear them over leggings without having to adjust them all the time?

  • 6. Are these good for barbell squatting?

  • 7. If you get the right size for your knees will they slide down?

  • 8. Is this like knee pads? Is there padding or just a knee compression sleeve?

  • 9. Can these be worn while sleeping for recovery?

  • 10. Does it work for dancers?

  • 11. Are these quick-drying and odorless from sweat if you're wearing them all day?

  • 12. Can they fit under fitted workout pants?

  • 13. Are these made of Neoprene?

  • 14. Can a knee brace be worn over the sleeve?

  • 15. How tight should these be?

  • 16. How do you determine sleeve size?

  • 17. Is this good if you work on your knees all day?

  • 18. Are these good for Crossfit? I get pain on my knees sometimes with a lot of lifting or squatting or running.

  • 19. Is it good for meniscus?

  • 20. How well does this fit around the thighs and calves?

  • 21. Should you run with knee pain?