"Incredible pain relief!!"

—BG1955, Patella Strap Customer


"Worked so nice, we bought it twice!"

—Edward W, Patella Strap Customer

  • 1. How does it go on?

  • 2. Will this help relieve the pain of severe arthritis in a senior's knees?

  • 3. Does this include silicon?

  • 4. Can it be used for running?

  • 5. Does it really work? Does this reduce knee pain from running or jogging?

  • 6. Is it normal for the compression pad to be flat?

  • 7. Should you wear these over or under clothes?

  • 8. Where is the patella?

  • 9. Can patella strap heal a jumper knee?

  • 10. Can you wear this above the knee also?

  • 11. What exercises should I do after fractured patella?

  • 12. When running a marathon with sore knees, is it better to use K tape or a patella strap?

  • 13. Every time I take on running, I have to stop after 3 months due to pain on my knee. How do I keep this from happening?

  • 14. Why do I have pain behind my knee after running?

  • 15. Does running on the road daily cause knee pains?

  • 16. How do I prevent future knee pains / relieve knee pains from running?

  • 17. How can I be having intense pain in my left knee, and then after a while the pain is gone and I can walk or jog okay. This has been going on for months now?

  • 18. What are some home tips for treating chronic patellar tendonitis?

  • 19. How long does tendonitis last?

  • 20. What causes tendonitis?