How To Get Most Out Of Your Foot Compression Sleeves

on January 02, 2017

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A Compression Foot Sleeve Can Relieve Foot Pain

Are you suffering from heel or foot pain or swelling when you are on your feet all day? You will be able to relieve this foot pain and swelling by simply wearing soft foot compression sleeves that you can wear under your socks or even without socks. 

One of the many amazing things about the soft neoprene compression foot sleeve is how it easily goes on and fits on your heel to provide continuous support while relieving pain and discomfort. The compression helps ease your pain and provides much needed comfort by delivering increased blood flow to the damaged tissues in your foot.   

Another great quality of compression socks is their durability and ability bounce back after many washings in the washer and dryer. 


Provide Oxygen To Damaged Tissue

Is the pain you suffer more concentrated in your ankles or feet or do suffer from plantar warts of on the bottom of your heel? Consistent use of a foot and ankle compression sleeve will help to greatly alleviate your pain and suffering. 

Anyone who suffers from plantar warts on their feet can get great relief and benefit from the daily use of compression socks. The ankle compression sleeve provides ankle and arch support to help deliver oxygen and increase blood flow to the damaged tissue. 

Those who suffer from Achilles tendinitis and severe heel pain have found much needed and welcome relief with regular use of a foot sock.

The best compression socks should fit the foot and ankle tightly in order to prevent or decrease the pain and swelling in your ankles or feet. When they fit properly they also provide support and help in the strengthening of the muscles in your ankle and foot. 

All you need to do is put the foot sleeve on when you get up in the morning before the onset of the swelling and pain and you will be amazed at how much better your ankles and feet will feel.  


How To Walk Away the Pain

Do you enjoy exercising, speed walking or jogging but find yourself enjoying these activities less and less due to constant ankle and foot pain? Does the over the counter pain relievers seem to only temporarily ease your pain and or wear off before the end of your workout?

Use of an ankle compression sleeve or a foot compression sock could be the solution to your problem. The constant pressure from the compression foot sleeve will keep swelling and pain to a minimum throughout the day.

Putting the ankle compression sleeve on before you begin your favorite exercise routine, speed walk or daily jog will have you enjoying your workout again before you know it. Daily use of the compression sleeve for foot will put a spring back into your step.

The foot compression sleeve is thin enough that it can be worn with your tennis shoes instead of socks. Just be sure put the ankle compression sleeve on when you get up in first thing in the morning to help prevent the start of any pain or swelling.


No Sweat with a Foot Sleeve

Many shy away from use of compression sleeves to seek comfort and to relieve their pain because they are afraid of an odor developing due to accumulation of moisture or sweat from daily use of the sleeve. These fears are so far from the truth.

Each sleeve or sock is made with a sturdy breathable material. A couple of samples of the types of material used to make compression sleeves are bamboo charcoal or a combination of spandex and neoprene. 

These materials offer those who wear them a durable quick drying sleeve that provides constant support and pain relief throughout their busy day. These materials are also antibacterial and self-warming. The absorption of wetness is also another amazing quality of compression sleeves.


Sizing It Up With An Ankle Compression Sock

Compression socks come in different sizes and are based on the location of your pain. If you suffer from pain in only your wrist you can purchase a sleeve that will cover only your wrist. Is the pain only in your elbow? There is an elbow compression sleeve that will provide the relief you seek from constant elbow pain.

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