"Perfect in every way!"

—Jen T, Ankle Brace Customer


"Incredible support and comfort!"

—E.K., Ankle Brace Customer

  • 1. Do you wear the sock and straps at the same time while exercising?

  • 2. Does the hard vinyl tab at each end of the wrap interfere with the movement of the heel while walking?

  • 3. Can the sleeve be worn on top of a normal sock?

  • 4. Would this be thin enough to wear in my work boots all day?

  • 5. Is this comfortable if you have wide feet or large ankles?

  • 6. Is the elastic made of latex?

  • 7. How long can you wear them?

  • 8. How high a brace goes on the leg?

  • 9. What is it made of?

  • 10. Can you use it at the gym?

  • 11. Do you use them with socks? Over or under?

  • 12. Can this be worn while sleeping? My ankles typically hurt at night.

  • 13. Are these washable?

  • 14. I have fractured my ankle in the past and work on my feet all day. Is this a good support?

  • 15. Why can't these be washed on a cold water gentle cycle?

  • 16. How long should you wear these each time?

  • 17. Will this help flat feet?

  • 18. Do ankle braces truly prevent broken or sprained ankles?

  • 19. How do ankle braces work?

  • 20. Do ankle braces help plantar fasciitis?